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You don't have to scan your passport data

Dear customers!

Imagine that you have never faced documents for transferring a domain. You look for step-by-step instructions and resent the many points to do.

It is especially outrageous that you have to send color scans of documents. Now it's in the past. There is no need for scanned copies anymore, because there is a digital signature. 

Remember we said we gave up paperwork? 

3 months after this decision we have experienced a number of benefits:

  • minimizing the risk of contracting Covid-19;

  • saving time previously spent on meetings and signing contracts;

  • no worries about the storage of archival documents.

Now we abandon color scanned copies in favor of a digital signature. You no longer need to transfer your documents via the Internet and worry that they may fall into the wrong hands. The NIC.UA team wants the customers to feel ease to interact with us.

We have made adjustments to the instructions and described in detail the procedure for submitting any request using a digitally signed statement.

How to get an electronic digital signature and sign documents is described in detail in our blog — «How to sign an electronic document?»

Sincerely yours, the NIC.UA team.

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