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Hosting restrictions

Hosting service is the cheapest option for hosting the website because the hosting provider on one server creates accounts for multiple users. The server resources are eventually shared by all users. To prevent one user from affecting the work of the others, each server has certain limits.

  1. No more than 90 simultaneous connections from one IP (if the limit is exceeded, access from such IP-address is blocked for 1 hour);
  2. RAM per account: 1Gb;
  3. No more than 60 simultaneous input processes (number of simultaneously running PHP scripts);
  4. Restriction when working with the disk (I/O):
    • no more than 1Mbit/s when working with the disk,
    • no more than 2048 disk operations per second.
  5. Limitations for the mail server on hosting:
    • letter per hour: 1000 max;
    • addressees in one letter: 5 max;
    • mail blocking for sending messages to 5 non-existent addresses (per1 hour);
    • IP ban for 1 hour for more than 30 attempts to log in with an incorrect password;
    • mass mailings are completely forbidden.

Also, it's possible that access to the server can be restricted from one IP address for the hour. There are two reasons for this issue:

  • if you did 30 or more attempts to log in with incorrect data to any accounts on the hosting (for example, CMS admin panel, FTP server, etc.),
  • if we notice more than 4 successful attempts to log in to the same email account from 3 or more IP addresses within 300 seconds.

And of course there are limits on the number of domains and the maximum amount of disk quota. 

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