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  1. General questions

    1. How can I send a document with an attached digital signature?
    2. "Captcha_invalid_score" error: Why it occurs and how to fix it
    3. Options for submitting documents to NIC.UA.
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  2. Payment

    1. Why the card is not linked to the NIC.UA account.
    2. Why is there no option to use bonuses when trying to pay?
    3. Why is an error returned during checkout?
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  3. Domain registration

    1. How to activate PP.UA domain
    2. How can I register the second level .UA domain?
    3. Как зарегистрировать и активировать домен .XXX?
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  4. Domain renewal

    1. My domain only appears in the 'Name Servers' section. Can I renew it?
    2. PP.UA domains renewal
    3. Why is the price of domain recovery so high?
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  5. Domain transfer

    1. What is a domain transfer?
    2. How to transfer your domain to NIC.UA
    3. How to transfer a domain from NIC.UA to another registrar?
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  6. Managing domain WHOIS data

    1. How to change the owner of a domain?
    2. Actualization of the owner’s contact if it is not set in the domain
    3. Editing the address/e-mail/phone number in the domain
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  7. Set up DNS-records for online services

    1. Connecting your own domain to Weblium service.
    2. Connecting your own domain to Strikingly service.
    3. How to set up a domain for the Beget service.
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  8. Name servers and DNS-records

    1. How to configure DNS records for a domain using NIC.UA name servers
    2. Is it possible to create Redirect records to redirect from an https address?
    3. I added my own NS servers and they were saved in the wrong order
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  9. SSL Certificates

    1. Cannot activate free SSL
    2. Renew a paid SSL certificate
    3. Redirecting your site to https protocol
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  10. Hosting: starting guide (cPanel)

    1. Создание и импорт базы данных MySQL
    2. Hosting multiple sites
    3. Загрузка файлов: FTP и диспетчер файлов
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  11. Hosting: starting guide (DirectAdmin)

    1. How to change PHP version on hosting
    2. Backups on hosting
    3. Uploading files of your site to the hosting
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  12. Email Hosting

    1. Tracking mail delivery in cPanel
    2. Web email interface: how to open, where to find login data (Direct Admin)
    3. Web email interface: how to open, where to find login data (cPanel)
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  13. Web hosting

    1. How to change the main domain on a hosting
    2. How to change the hosting plan
    3. Order web hosting at NIC.UA
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  14. PHP

    1. How to configure HTML files to be processed by PHP
    2. If the PHP script does not work
    3. How do I change the Return-Path using the PHP mail () function?
  15. Database on hosting

    1. Remote connection to a database on hosting
  16. Hosting: how to set up features

    1. How can I fix the display of a link to a website in Telegram?
    2. Other basic .htaccess features
    3. Basic .htaccess features: mod_rewrite redirection module
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  17. Your personal cloud

    1. How to create a virtual machine in cloud
    2. Подключение к удаленному рабочему столу в Windows
    3. Connecting to a virtual machine via SSH
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