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How to get a backup of your hosting

To download a backup of your hosting, you will need the "Backup" section. Here is you can find the full copy, as well as individual parts — the root directory and databases.

The best way to download a backup is to download a backup of the root directory and then separately download the backups of each database. These downloads will start instantly and you don't have to wait for them.

If you choose "Full Backup", it will need some time to be prepared and must be saved on hosting in some folder. Not the most convenient way.  

You can also write to support if you need an earlier backup. In the request be sure to mention the order number and the date by which you need a backup. We will try to find the closest match. We can also immediately restore this copy to your hosting account   

What if your hosting was already closed a couple of months ago?

In that case, there is a chance that your backup can still be stored on our servers. Write to us, and we'll check. And if it hasn't already been deleted, we can easily restore it if you order a new hosting account.

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