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What is an account login?

The term 'login' or 'account login' can be found in several instances:

  • in application templates, usually, it should be specified in the header;
  • while chatting with support, when you need to transfer an order from one account to another, and you're asked to provide the login of the old and new account;
  • If you want to delete your account.

Account login in NIC.UA is just an email that you used to register your account and which you use to sign in to your account. All notifications from NIC.UA are also sent to this email.

If you have several addresses, and you are not sure which one is in your account, you can find this information directly in the account.

This method is relevant if your data is automatically filled in by your browser, and you can log in to your account, but you're just not sure of the address.

If you do not have access to your account, but need to clarify your login, then you just write to us at or via the form on the site and specify the domain name from your account. We will be able to tell you part of your login.

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