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PP.UA domains restrictions

Domains in the PP.UA domain zone are FREE and in general function identically to domains in any other domain zone.

This means that you can use this domain for your site, it will work.

However, this domain zone has several distinctive features.

Below we will consider them thoroughly:

1. The domain needs to be activated.

As the domain is free, it is impossible to confirm the registration by paying for the domain. Domain PP.UA is tied to your phone number (not your account, but to the phone).

To activate the domain, the registry sends you an SMS with the code that you need to enter on the PP.UA website or you can activate the domain via Telegram bot. Both methods of activation are described more detailed in the related article.

You also need to activate the domain when renewing it, so if you have changed your number, do not forget to write to a request to change the number in the domain data.

2. WHOIS-data in these domains is public.

According to the domain zone rules, the domain owner's data is open. You can not hide it. Also, these data must be accurate.

3. The domain can be renewed not earlier than 4 months before the expiration date.

If you are used to renew domains closer to the end of their term, you will not even notice any difference.

If you need to prolong a domain early, you may notice that the 'Renew' button is inactive. 

According to the domain rules, you can renew the domain starting from 4 months before its expiration date.

4. Within 30 days you can register no more than 3 domains with the same phone number.

Domains PP.UA are tied to a phone number, including the restrictions.
You can submit 3 registration requests using your number within 30 days. 

It means that you clicked the registration button and placed an order – your request is transmitted to the registry and the domain is waiting for activation. Even if you have not activated this domain for some reason and the registry has closed the request – it will be counted.

It is the same with already active orders. If you have three domains registered less than 30 days ago and you need a fourth one, you will not be able to close the existing domain and register a new one instead – your request has already been registered regardless of the further domain status.

What can be done?

If you have a second number – register a new domain with this number in the registrant data. Be sure to check the number in the data before confirming the order. With your second number, you will also need to activate a new domain.

If you do not have the second number, you will need to wait up to 30 days from the registration of one of the last three domains.

Despite all the restrictions described in this article, a domain works just like any other domain, it does not become paid after some time of use, and its appearance in search engines is no different from other domains.

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