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Using multiple sites on a hosting account

There is an opportunity in NIC.UA hosting to use multiple sites. This can be done by adding an additional or child domain (subdomain).

The content of these sites can be any, at least diametrically opposite to the main domain. On a hosting with the main domain you can place a society of lovers of furry cats, and create an additional domain with advertising sphynx cats on the same hosting.

Adding an additional domain

An additional domain is an format domain, which you can register on our website.

To add an additional domain, go to the hosting panel.. In the "Account Manager" section, select "Domain Setup".

In the section that opens, click on the "Add New" button, which is highlighted in green in the panel.

In the "Domain" field, enter the name of the additional domain for the site for which the site will be created. We recommend you to leave the rest of the options by default. Then click the "Create" button.

Adding a child domain (subdomain)

To add a subdomain, select "Subdomain Management" from the "Account Manager" section.

In the section that opens, click on the "Add Subdomain" button, which is highlighted in green.

In the new window, enter the name of the subdomain and click the "Add Subdomain" button. Instead of subdomain, specify the name of the subdomain before the dot.

At this step, the addition of the subdomain on the hosting is completed. Now you can upload the site files to the root directory. We should also note that for subdomains, the root directory is created inside the directory for the main domain.

For example, for the subdomain, the path to the root directory will look like this: /domains/

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