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How to transfer a domain from NIC.UA to another registrar?

To open a domain transfer from NIC.UA to another registrar, you first need to check if there is a reason for refusing a domain transfer. And if the domain is ready for transfer, then it remains for you to perform the following steps: 
  1. Download the application (templates for legal entities and individuals are in the attached files). 
  2. Fill out the application. The application is needed to be filled in by the owner of the account or by a Registrant.
  3. Save filled document in PDF format;
  4. Add a digital signature to your application using services Paperless, Вчасно or Дія.
  5. Send to a completed application.

After a transfer for your domain is permitted, it will be enough for you to go into your personal NIC.UA account in the "Domains" section and get the domain code there — by clicking on the gear from the desired domain and going down the page. You can provide this code to the new registrar to let him create a domain transfer request.

⚠️Please, note:
  • in some domain zones, additional documents or actions on your part may be required;
  • if NIC.UA receives a request from another registrar for a domain transfer, but within three days after that does not receive an appropriate package of documents from the client, such a transfer will be rejected.


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