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Change the .UA domain owner based on transfer of rights for a trademark

If the rights of ownership of your trademark are being transferred to another person, follow these steps to change the .UA domain owner in WHOIS: 

  • two applications need to be filled in (from the current registrant and from the new holder of the  TM certificate) please find the templates below this instruction;
  • attach one of three document packages to the application:
    • A copy of the Ukrpatent decision of an ownership transfer for the trademark.
    • A copy of a Statement of the State Register and a copy of the last page of the ownership transfer agreement (certified by both parties) marked by the Ukrpatent.
    • Copy of the certificate, issued in the name of the new owner.
  • current and new registrant must add own digital signature to application   
  • send completed applications and one of three required documents to 


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