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PP.UA domain suddenly stopped working

Sometimes there are situations when PP.UA domain stops working for no apparent reason. This may happen immediately after registration and activation, after changing any settings or just after half a year of domain activity.

How to understand what happened?

Go to and enter the domain name in the search box.

If you see statuses:

This means that your domain has been blocked by the domain zone administrator due to a violation of the domain zone rules.

Most commonly the reason for blocking is incomplete or incorrect whois-data of the domain. For example, when the "Address" field contains "Never mind" or only the name of the street. The reason for blocking may also be obviously false names, such as Captain Marvel or John Doe.

For the domain zone registry, it is important that the data is complete and accurate.

This means that you need to specify a real full name, such as in your ID and a full valid address: the name of the city, zip code, street name, house number, and the number of the office or apartment.

Such strict requirements for the entered data are mainly aimed at preventing the domain registration for creating fraudulent resources.
 Also, the domain may be blocked due to phishing activities or in case of complaints about the domain.
 A complete list of requirements can be found in the domain zone rules, paragraph 5.1.

Is it possible to unblock a domain?

If a domain has been blocked due to incorrect data, it can usually be unblocked.

For this, you need to contact our support via e-mail at or via the form on the site.

If you entered an incomplete address in the domain data and other data are complete and correct, specify the domain name in the request and provide an application to update the domain data.

You can submit the application by signing it with an electronic digital signature through the Paperless service.
 You can create a digital signature in your personal account in Privat24 for private individuals, section "All services" → "Business".

If you have any inaccuracies in the name field of domain whois data please inform us at or via the form on the site. We will help you correct these data.

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