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Updating the address/e-mail/phone number in the domain data (via application)

Usually, to change information like email and phone number in a domain, you need to confirm it from your current email or phone number. But what can you do if you do not have access to that email or number?

In this case, you can use another method – you can fill out an application electronically, sign it with an electronic digital signature, and send it through Paperless or Vchasno service.

You can generate a signature in your personal account Privat24 for individuals, section "Business" → "EDS Key Generation for individuals".
The application template can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

This way of changing the data is also suitable if you need to update the address in the blocked by the registry PP.UA domain.

You will need to specify your account data (email, phone number), your full name, indicate the domain/domains for which you want to change data, and fill in only those fields that need to be changed. In the others, just put a dash.

Save the filled document in PDF format and submit it to us through the Paperless or Vchasno service. 


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