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Options for submitting documents to NIC.UA.

To fulfill a number of customer requests, the NIC.UA support service asks their users to fill out and certify an application.

Next, we will consider the options for which document certification methods are available:

  1. Using an electronic digital signature in any of the following services: Paperless, Vchasno or Diia.
  2. By providing color, high-quality photos of the application, photo of 1-5 pages of the passport (the first three spreads) and selfies with a passport.

Selfies must include the following:

  • close-up of the applicant's face,
  • a sheet of paper with the inscription "for NIC.UA" and the current date,
  • passport, unfolded with the last photo, on which all data must be clearly visible.

Photos should be provided of a good quality, without cropping, editing, applying filters and with EXIF information.

The following photo formats are accepted: jpeg, jpg, bmp, png,, pdf, gif. Photos in such formats as docx or doc are not accepted.

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