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PP.UA domains renewal

There are some common questions related to PP.UA domains renewal. Below we will review each of them in detail.

After clicking "Renew" the domain is in the status "Processing a job Order renew"

PP.UA domains are tied to a phone number.
As there is no payment for domains of this domain zone, the only way to confirm any requests to the registry for these domains is confirmation by phone number.
Therefore, when you have created a request to renew a domain PP.UA it needs to be confirmed by activating the domain from your number.
How to do this described step by step in the article with PP.UA domain activation methods.

The "Renew" button next to the domain is inactive

PP.UA domains can be renewed not earlier than 4 months before the expiration date.
This means that the domain cannot be renewed for another year immediately after registration and activation.

If you have an up-to-date e-mail in your account, then a month before the expiration date you will receive a notification that the domain is expiring. When this notification came, the domain can be renewed for sure.

To be sure that you will not miss the right date, you can set up notifications in Telegram or Viber to receive notifications about the status of the orders in the messenger.

Auto-renew for PP.UA domains is not available

Unfortunately, such service as automatic renewal for domains in the PP.UA domain zone is not available.
That is due to the renewal procedure of domains in this domain zone, particularly because of the need to activate them. It can only be done manually with your phone number.

I missed the domain renewal and the order is closed

If more than 28 days have passed since the domain expired, the order is closed and the domain is no longer available for renewal.
If the domain has not been deleted from the registry yet, it can usually be restored. Domain restoration is a paid service.
To do this, write us to or via the contact form on our site.

However, if more than 50 days have passed since the domain expired, then the domain has already been deleted from the registry. In this case you can check whether it is available on the NIC.UA and register and activate it again.

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