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Life cycle of Ukrainian domains

In this article we will review the life cycle of most Ukrainian domains, which consists of five stages. It is worth noting that the registration of a domain name is the purchase of the right to manage the name for a certain period, so you should not compare the registration with the purchase of goods. A domain name does not become yours forever, you can only rent it; and the rent stops when you stop paying for it.

Initially, any domain name has an "Available" status. At this point it is available for registration to all users. If you check it through the WHOIS protocol, you will receive a response that the name does not exist. That means it can be registered.

After registration for a certain period of time, the domain has a "Registered" status. The minimum registration period is 1 year, the maximum is 10 years. Through WHOIS you will now be able to see and find data about this domain.

If the domain is not renewed in time, the domain goes into the "AutoRenew Grace Period" and has an "Expired" status. At this stage it is still possible to renew the domain at the standard cost, but the domain will be suspended. Duration of the period: 28 days from the expiration date.

The next stage is the "Redemption Period": it lasts for 30 days. At this stage, renewal is not technically possible, the domain can only be restored. The price of restoration is set by the administrator of the domain zone, and it is often 10 times higher than the price of renewal (to restore a domain, contact support).

The last stage of the cycle is the "Pending Delete" period: it lasts for 5 days. At this point, the domain name is deleted from the registry. It is impossible to renew, restore or do anything else with the domain. It will definitely be deleted and put on the market again, becoming available to anyone.

It should be noted that this life cycle is not applicable to .CO.UA, .BIZ.UA, .PP.UA: they have slightly different stages.

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