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Features of hosting renewal

As a rule, all services after the expiration date cease to work instantly, but there with the hosting in NIC.UA it is a little different: when its validity expires, the order goes into the “suspended” state, but the hosting account itself continues to work for 5 more days. This is done so to let your mail and / or your website continue to work without halting, even if you remember the need to renew the service at the very last moment and pay for hosting on the expiration day. After all, bank payments are not always proceeded instantly.

But still, you should not intentionally wait until these 5 days of preferential use of the service pass:

  • despite the fact that the hosting account itself will continue to work for another 5 days, the order will still be blocked immediately on the expiration date, which means that the "properties" button with hosting data will only be available when the order becomes active again.
  • it is better to extend the hosting in advance, so you are guaranteed to protect yourself from a possible suspension of the service, but you won’t lose anything by doing this, because the order is renewed from the previous validity period, and not from the payment date.
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